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Intuitive Landscapes: June 4 and 5

Intuitive Landscapes: June 4 and 5

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with a lot of different materials and exploring how they work together to create a complex and interesting landscape.  You will get the satisfaction of creating intuitively, giving your painting time to emerge.

In this workshop you will: 

  • Create a loose mixed-media landscape painting.
  • Learn how to mix neutrals
  • Gain a better understanding of composition and values. 
  •  Receive feedback and get direction. 
  • Experiment and explore


By the end of this course students will have an understanding of the following concepts:

  • Create texture with acrylics
  • Think outside the brush, using alternative tools
  • Mix colours to create different values and moods
  • Layer acrylics, knowing when to paint wet on wet and when to let the layers dry before moving on.
  • Mindset – approach painting as a fun, creative journey without worrying about the outcome.


Acrylic Ink or Acrylic Hi-Flow Paint

Mark making tools 

Paper towels

Woody Stabilo, dry pastels, graphite - any of these that you have. 


Collage material if desired

Fluid medium for gluing collage material

Permanent acrylic pens for line work.  I like Posca Pens. 

Mixed Media markers


Time: 10-4 Both days

Where: Parksville: My Studio - Address sent upon registration. 


Substrate - 18x24" Strathmore Mixed Media Pad

Paint Brushes

Old credit card or scraper

Acrylic paints - different viscosities. 

Acrylic Ink or Hi-Flow

Mark making tools 

 Paper towels

Woody Stabilo, dry pastels, graphite - any of these that you have. 

Freezer paper or palette paper

Stay wet palette or similar




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