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Make Your Mark Mentorship





My mentorship program Make Your Mark helps artists like yourself to take your work to the next level. This is my fourth year running it and I have seen tremendous growth in the artists who have attended. We meet 4 times over the year for three days. As well as building community and friendships we support each other. It is about sharing! It is about finding out what inspires you and learning to make art that is from your heart and not your head.

Each session will include warm up exercises and critiques as well as meaningful conversations. You will delve into your own work over three days.

To keep the momentum going and to provide support between the sessions we meet monthly on the Zoom platform. This will be to answer any questions and connect with each other.

Throughout the course your work can be shared in a private Facebook group for feedback if you wish.

To help you stay on track I will be giving you journal prompts and studio exercises to work on in between our sessions together.

This year I have added the option for one on one coaching in between sessions. This has proven to give participants even better results. The coaching is done on the Zoom platform and it is recommended that you have a minimum of one thirty minute session per month. The cost is $50.00 per session with a three month commitment.




Praise From Students

The mentorship encouraged me to be more focused and committed to my art practice during that year,
which has continued after the mentorship ended. It also encouraged me to push the boundaries,
both in my art and in my life!
Thanks for a fabulous study experience Patt!

I look forward to coming back for more !

 It’s an excellent opportunity for new and aspiring and even accomplished artists to grow in their creative process.

Personally, your program taught me general/universal painting information and techniques, use of various mediums, and critiquing our own work as well as others’ in the program. It nurtured my desire to learn more techniques and paint with confidence.

Support among the group was very important to me. I appreciated the mentorship of you and other group members as well; I still value these artists as my friends and mentors.
I talk about your program and your talent as a teacher with others interested in my work and in developing their abilities as artists. You are very good at what you do... your art and your teaching. Your attention to detail, workshop preparation and organization and your ability to communicate and share your expertise are all stellar! The next group of MYM participants are very fortunate! Congratulations, Patt!

Patt Scrivener’s “Make Your Mark Mentorship Program`` was an opportunity that was offered at the right time for me. After two years of attending 2 or 3 day workshops, I needed to progress to a learning environment that had continuity, depth, accountability, and constructive feedback over an extended period of time. Once a short workshop was over, there wasn’t any opportunity to engage in a continuing dialogue about the content of that workshop. Engaging in group dialogue is one of the important features of “Make Your Mark``.

I realized that if I was to further develop what I already learned, I needed to connect with a mentor. Being a needy novice, I also needed a comfortable environment where I could ask questions and overcome the fear of putting paint to paper without indecisiveness.

My experience with “Make Your Mark” exceeded all my expectations. First of all, Patt’s understanding of the balance between teaching and learning allowed me to be comfortable to experiment with new techniques. As a teacher, Patt knew when to push and when to give me space to cognitively figure things out. I enjoyed her demonstrations and appreciated her hands on approach. But most of all, Patt’s knowledge about art techniques and materials is impressive.

During the “Make Your Mark” experience, I learned so much about the elements of design, how to balance the use of color, how to embody various techniques, and the use of various complex materials. Furthermore, I gained a clearer perspective on what abstract and contemporary means. But most of all, the dialogue among Patt and the other participants was invaluable. This sharing environment contributed to a better understanding of when, how, and why to apply paint to paper.

I learned a great deal, have more confidence in myself, and I know that this learning experience is how I learn the best. For those reasons, I have decided to commit to another “Make Your Mark”. I look forward to another year of enrichment and personal development.

The reason I would like to do a 3rd MYM is that I have momentum going in developing my art skills. I believe that all the art elements are beginning to make sense and beginning to click in my brain. I need the accountability, goal setting, and critiquing that is found in the group dynamics of MYM but also in a private tutor session. But more importantly, the teaching and coaching that Patt does continually is very valuable and needed by me as I make a commitment to developing my style.


“When I originally signed up, I was hoping to find myself as an artist. I did do that, but, there was so much more.
I now feel that I am a much better critic. I learned to see! I am not so attached to my work that I can’t paint over it.
Also, I feel a confidence that I did not have before the course. Patt is a great instructor and mentor.
It was very worthwhile, I am very glad I chose to do it, nothing but praise from me.”


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