What is a Mentor?

A mentor is an individual who acts as an advisor providing expertise and professional knowledge.

A mentor is available to their mentee to offer advice, provide support and answer questions.

A mentor is different than a coach. Mentors use their personal and professional experiences to help guide others looking to follow a similar path. An artist’s mentor will help mentees with their career growth, improving skills, and reaching professional goals. This may involve; training, critique sessions, social media, marketing, business or organizational help.

A coach works with an artist to help uncover blocks and make mindset shifts. Find out more about coaching here.

Often artists can benefit from a combination of coaching and mentoring.


One on One Mentoring

Depending on your needs this can be in person or virtually.

I can offer a critique session on a single piece of work or a body of work.

You can schedule a session to pick my brain about all things related to the art business.

Whether your aim is to improve your art or your art business I can help you.


Things I Can Help You With

  • Social Media Account Set Up

  • Documenting your Artwork

  • Website review

  • Art critiques

  • How to photograph your artwork

  • Show submission/proposals

My Fees

I charge $95. CDN per hour. For most of your needs we can meet virtually on the Zoom Platform.

For developing painting skills a studio meeting may be more beneficial.

To get the most out of mentoring committing to three months would be advised.


About Me

I have been self-employed in creative businesses my entire adult life. I learned a great deal about personalities. marketing, and staying motivated being an employer. I have been a professional artist since 2000 and a full-time career artist since 2009.

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