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Cold Wax and Oil - Part Two

Cold Wax and Oil - Part Two

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Date: June 13,14,15

Time: 10-4 daily

Place: My Parksville Studio

Prerequisite: Part One or By Request of the Instructor.

This is a continuation of part one where we will push the boundaries further by introducing other media to the mix. Adding, collage, oil bar, pastel, powdered pigment, charcoal powder, and graphite powder. We will explore reductive techniques, using stencils. and making transfers.

We will work on paper and panels, experimenting with different ways to start.

This is a workshop of discovery, not finished paintings. Although you may end up with some this should not be the focus of the outcome.

A container of cold wax is included to take home. 

Other media is included for use in class. 

The supply list is here


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