skirt form old jeans

Something New from Something Old

Do you have clothes that are like old friends? That was the case with my painting jeans! I wore them for years until they became shabby and I dedicated them to my painting practice. Then I wore them until they became thread barren!  The time has come to part with them! Or has it? 

I am not into putting patches on the inner thighs. What to do?  I got an idea! What if I repurposed them into a painting skirt?

 I grabbed a pair of scissors and with apprehension cut the legs off! I started cutting up the legs to use for panels but I didn’t have enough. Now what?

My partner is a painter too and has a wardrobe of white painter’s pants. I found a pair that needed to be discarded and cut into them.

Three hours later I have a new painting skirt! Perfect for these warm summer days! 

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