Connecting with a Painting

Connecting with a Painting

Have you ever felt a tug towards a piece of art? Something that powerfully draws you in? 

This happened recently with a new collector. 

I had posted a video of me reworking an older painting that she watched. It spoke to her. Maybe it was the colour red which is her favourite, or maybe it was the woman in the photo, or the dazzling lights in the background. 

When I delivered the painting and explained to her the writing in the initial layers of the painting was about being yourself, standing out from the crowd, and I had used a Dr. Seuss quote “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” It all made sense. 

You see the collector has been professionally counselling woman her entire career. She has been helping them own their power. She has been living what the painting was saying. And to top it off she is retiring in a few days. 

The painting is a tribute to all the work she has done helping woman be strong, take back their power and stand out from the crowd! 

I am sure this painting will bring her pleasure and reminder her of all the woman she empowered over her career. 

Congratulations on your retirement! 

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