100 paintings in a 100 Days

100 paintings in a 100 Days

 On January 1, 2021 I joined in the Ladysmith Waterfront Gallery Challenge to create a piece of artwork daily for 100 days. 

100 days is a commitment! 

I thought I would share the experience by answering some questions I had along the way.

What parameters did you set?

To work with supplies I had in stock

To finish some previously started work

To work small

To experiment and explore techniques with cold wax medium and oil paint.

What was your daily process? 

I mainly painted from imagination (my normal approach)

I used some previously finished paintings as a jumping off point

I tried different techniques and tools: palette knives, scrapers, textured grounds, solvent lifts, marble dust, alla prima, etc. 

I painted on several paintings at one time as this works well with the layering process I use with cold wax and oil paint

I selected one to finish daily

I photographed, titled, and posted the painting to my ecommerce shop, sent out an email to my daily painting subscribers, and posted to social media

What positives/negatives did you perceive/experience from the challenge?

 The experience was mostly positive


Accountability to show up 

Practicing regularly

Developed a rhythm

Got faster at identifying problems


Became bored with painting small

Took time away from doing larger work

How did you come up with titles?

Titles can be challenging and take as long as the painting! Some days the title would pop into my head other days it was more or a challenge. 

I generated a list of words that I could pair together. 

I also stole like an artist by borrowing song titles form musicians! 

Why did your palette shift? 

I find working with cold wax and oil paint I tend to work with a more mellow palette than in acrylic. Perhaps due to the matt quality of the medium.

I was also feeling a need for calm and peace. 

I used yellow more than I normally do. Perhaps to evoke a feeling of light and hope. 

Pink tones showed up inspired by the spring blossoms. 

How long did it take? 

I didn't track my hours but worked on it most days between 1 to 3 hours. I would estimate I spent around 150-175 hours in total.

What would you do differently the next time?

Have one size - preferably square

Work larger - 12x12"

Stick to one genre or a colour palette to end up with a cohesive series

Work on cradled panels if budget and storage was not an issue. 

What will you do with the work?

I hope to sell them! They are listed for sale on my online shop. 

Other ideas I am considering:

  • Design a catalogue
  • Use them for reproductions on product or as prints
  • Take ideas from them to scale up into larger work
  • Apply for some licensing contracts

What advice would you give me if I wanted to do a challenge?

Go for it! 

Start with a smaller challenge. 10 days or 30 days. 

Find an accountability partner or form a small group

Set up a private Facebook Group to post to

Do you have any favourites?

When I got them all out it was like a treasure chest! I have several favourites! Some are duds! 

What's Next?

Paint large!



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