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Intuitive Figures - Online Zoom Workshop -TBA

Intuitive Figures - Online Zoom Workshop -TBA

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Medium: Acrylic

Skill: Beginner and Intermediate

Time:10 -12-1-3 Pacific

Place: Zoom



Have you always wanted to paint figures but felt intimidated? 

  Creating a messy background will influence your imagination to develop figures. 

I will show you my step-by-step process and how I use the iPad to help me along the way. 



 Supply List

 Paper towels or rags

Palette paper or freezer paper for mixing

A palette for your paint – a plate is fine

Paintbrushes –one-inch flat, rigger, an assortment

Palette knife

Scrapers - Catalyst wedges, spatula end, or an old credit card. 

Your paints – Acrylic student or artist quality. No craft paint.  A selection including 3 primaries, and white, some transparent colours. 

Gel medium

Small colour wheel – if you have one

Stencils if you have some

Painting smock or apron

Gloves if you like

Substrate -One Canvas 20x20” or 16x20”

Paper - Mixed media Paper One sheet of 18x24" or 4 -9x12 or similar sheets (You can also work on mixed media paper (Strathmore Brand) 18x24”)

Blue Low tack painter's tape or white artist's tape. 

You can also work on mixed media paper (Strathmore Brand) 18x24”

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