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Abstracting the Landscape in Acrylic/Mixed Media - TBA

Abstracting the Landscape in Acrylic/Mixed Media - TBA

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Do you want to loosen up and be able to paint something that evokes a landscape but is not so realistic?

If this sounds like you this course will teach you how to simplify your reference photo into shapes and block in your painting. You will continue to build up layers and textures and make revisions to complete your composition. 

In this workshop you will: 

  • Create a loose mixed media landscape painting.
  • Learn to simplify a photo reference
  • Learn how to mix neutrals
  • Gain a better understanding of composition and values. 
  •  Receive feedback and get direction. 


Date: Saturday, April 30

Time: 10-4

Where: My Studio - Address sent upon registration. 


Substrate - canvas or paper - Work as large as you feel comfortable - I suggest a square or rectangle 12x12" or larger. If you paint fast or like working on more than one painting at a time bring two substrates. 

Paint Brushes

Old credit card or scraper

Acrylic paints

Mark making tools 

Paper towels

Woody Stabilo, dry pastels, graphite - any of these that you have. 

Sleeve protector or cellophane (to draw on top of your photograph)

Sharpie pen

Photo reference in black and white

You can also use your mobile device and an app like You Doodle to draw on top of your photo reference. 

 If you have these items: 


Collage material if desired

Fluid medium for gluing collage material

Permanent acrylic pens for line work.  I like Posca Pens. 


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